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Good Night’ s Sleep at Hotel Clover Asoke

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Get Your Pillow for a Good Night’s Sleep

How important of sleeping?

  • Healing damaged cells
  • Boosting your immune system
  • Recovering from the day’s activities
  • Recharging your heart and cardiovascular system for the next day

What happens if you don’ t get enough sleep?

  • Feeling drowsy, irritable or sometimes depressed
  • Struggling to take in new information at work, remembering things or making decisions
  • Craving more unhealthy foods, which could cause weight gain

We all know the value of sleeping well. Also we have experience to the feeling of  refreshment after a good night’s sleep. Thus we know this, in our busy society, many people are not getting the quality sleep needed to truly receive the health benefits of sleep.

One of the most important buddy for your sleep is “Pillow and its filling.” How’ s hard…how’ s soft you prefer?

The purpose of a pillow is pretty simple:

Keep your head and neck aligned while you sleep. Sleep is a necessity but sometimes we don’t always feel satisfied when our alarm clocks go off in the AM.

Pillow is one of your sleeping buddy which need to stick with you at least 5 hours a night or day. Whilst sleeping is not only on your bed in your sweet home. While you are away from your home, most of all is where to stay? To book a hotel or resort is one of the most important things to consider due to it is a half part of your trip.

Why sleep at Hotel Clover Asoke must be the choice?

Hotel Clover Asoke, the best boutique hotel in Bangkok City. You can easily access to everywhere in Bangkok city by full choices of public transportation. Because we care for your good night’ s sleep, so we have no doubt to provide our guests supreme comfort and luxury sleeping amenities. You will be more than just a guest!

Hotel Clover Asoke will always concern to make the best choice of pillow for our guests. Not only 100% pillow hollow fiber fill which can free you from allergies and provide supreme comfort to assist healthy deep and restful sleep. But also 20% duck down 80% feature pillow which you will get the touch of 5-star bed linen amenities at affordable room rate. The best quality of sleeping will not only fall for people who addict to sleep on softness pillow. So we have more selection to offer our guests “Contour Pillow” which made from superior hollow fibers. Best friend of Anti-disorder sleep position. Assist healthy deep and restful sleep.

It is not only how comfort of the pillow but we also care about weather in Bangkok, Thailand. So we are aware to make special order to linen factory to make us proper weight of bed linen to balance weather in Bangkok. We are very concentrate to put the lucky sign of Clover leaf on every single bed linen to make your night with memorable with us.

Let’ s have a good trip. Enjoy your stay with good night’ s sleep with us at Hotel Clover Asoke where the elegance meets style.

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