Mango Sticky Rice

Khao Niew Ma Muang – Coconut Sticky Rice with Mango

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Don’t miss out the most popular dessert from Thailand!

It’s time to have some sweet and we also ensure that our Thai dessert is one of the good choice, although famous a delicious dessert dishes, Thailand desserts are perhaps not so well thought of. However, the simple but tasty mango sticky rice is one of the most recommended. Visit our sky restaurant and bar.

Mangoes seem to be always available in Thailand all year around, it is very best between April-June. The mango flesh should be bright, yellow and juicy. The most popular kind of mango in Thailand are “Nam Dawk Mai” and “Oke Rong” as they are known for being particularly sweet.

Sticky rice is a kind of rice grown mainly in Southeast and East Asia and rice as it goes “sticky” after cooking, there are many people have instead adopted that. Historically it comes from Central and northeastern of Thailand, but now it is popular throughout the country.

How we can make it because it seem simply, but it’s not easy, sticky rice is made by being soaked in enough water to cover the rice, and then being left overnight, before being steamed and sweetened with sugar and fresh coconut milk, then served to complement the sweet juice mango.

For those visiting Bangkok don’t missed to try coconut sticky rice with mango or we call Khao Niew Ma Muang” at The Clover Sky Restaurant & Bar, Hotel Clover Asoke, Bangkok, Thailand

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