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Phad Thai River Prawn

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Phad Thai – The Most Popular Thai Food

Phad Thai is one of Thai dishes which most popular and well known foreigners. At the present Phad Thai is the national cuisine of Thailand. Phad Thai has a great variety of menus. But the popular Phad Thai that customers usually order to try (Phad Thai Goong ; Fried Noodle Thai Style with Fresh Shrimp or Dried Shrimp). As its taste can easily going on well with everyone, sweet and sour taste from the special sauce which the variety of taste is quite vary from each part of Thailand but it is still be top order by tourists.

Tips and Tricks

Firstly add shallot into a pan. We found smell to be the best. Crack the egg onto the wok and scramble. Add Pickle Turnip, Fried Tofu and dried shrimp until it is almost all cooked. Then, drain the noodles and add to the wok. Add a little water to the pan while stir noodle. (stir fry, so long). Noodles- should be flexible and solid, not completely expanded and soft. We do not soak the noodles in water because noodles have to specify the soft, sticky and work smell. Highlight of Sauce, majority of Phad Thai seems to be a red or orange colored. The Great Pad Thai is saucy rather than a dry. Especially own sauce the unique mix of ingredients that you will never have to eaten Phad Thai that before.

Phad Thai with River Prawn

Phad Thai with River Prawn is one of our signature menu at The Clover Sky Restaurant & Bar. The unique this menu are ingredients or condiments, the hearty dish does come with sweet tamarind sauce, fresh noodles and two king river prawn which you have just see and still feel hungry. Side ingredients include fragrant banana flower, lime, spring onion and separate crushed nuts. (cause allergy nut.) River Prawn: We sourced our fresh River Prawn and are of a good size too. Because of cooked prawn, the meat will not shrink and crispy sweet just say that you are a real fan of Traditional Thai Dish; The Clover Sky Restaurant & Bar is perfect place for Thai Food Lover.

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