About Singa Management

SINGA – Executive Summary

Singa Management is a Singapore-based organization that provides integrated hotel management and marketing solutions to hotel and resort owners. We currently own and manage 5 hotels in Singapore and 1 in Bangkok, Thailand under Singa Management, Hotel Clover brand. We have successfully established a presence in the China market as well, with a co-branding project with Accor in Novotel Shanghai Clover.

Being the owner and operator of hotels, we always seek the most effective solutions through thoughtful planning. One of the key ingredients of effective hospitality management is our highly experienced team.

Main Mission

Our main mission is to provide world-class service and to make every renewed experience, welcoming, sophisticated and surprisingly unexpected one.

Singa Management has envisioned managing hotels and resorts globally, at the same time. Bringing our homegrown brand into the international hotel arena. Not only offer the best Management team, but we also provide funding solutions to our respected clients.

With the passion and determination in the hospitality and tourism industry, the Singa Management family embraces challenges and strives to continuously improve and perform.


SINGA – Company Profile

  • Registered Name and Corporate Structure

Singa Management Pte Ltd is registered in year 2012.

  • Vision, Mission and Philosophy

As envision creating a collection of innovative, novel and concept-driven hotels, with a distinctive and striking personality for each hotel. it is our mission to provide world-class service and hospitality to our distinguished guests that are seeking unforgettable experiences and memories. We believe in understanding every aspect of our guests’ needs and pampering them with our genuine hospitality, our amenities, our design and our technology.


  • Hope

    We want our guests to feel abundantly hopeful as we all live in a landscape of reasons and madness.

  • Faith

    With much synergy and relation to its representation, we hope that all our hotels will bring our guests a form of renewed faith after each stay.

  • Love

    May our guests continue to love or to find love in the things they do.

  • Luck

    Have lady luck smiling at our guests after leaving our hotels. May luck follow them all the way to their next destination.

Not only renewed faith after each stay but complete faith in us as Hotel Clover. Hotel Clover becomes your “home away from home”. Having faith and trust in us that we will look after their needs and wants as well as their well-beings.

HOTEL CLOVER – Brand Tagline

“Simplicity in Luxury”

Understanding every aspect of our guests’ needs and pampering them with our genuine hospitality, our amenities, our design and our technology, creating a memorable and unforgettable journey.

  • Genuine Hospitality
  • Amenities
  • Design
  • Technology

Wherever we are, Hotel Clover is looking to be at the heart of it all.