early bird promotion

Early Bird Promotion

Early Bird Promotion 14 Days in Advance get 47% Off

Early Bird Promotion 14 days in advance get 47% OFF. or 7 days in advance get 45% OFF. Special only direct booking with us. Modification free 1 time. Book our promotion early and get more.

Early Bird Promotion from us is not only offering you best deal but also allow you to experience one of our mission to provide high standard of hygiene and cleanliness. Present the promotion by Male Copper-throated Sunbird removing fecal sac of chick @ Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserves, Singapore, 24 May 2017. The adults keep feeding the chicks and the chicks open their bowels regularly while in the nest. The chicks’ excreta were passed out in a sac readily picked up by the adult to be disposed so as to maintain clean and hygienic environment in the nest. Credit photo by Shunda Lee.

Early Bird 14 days in advance get 47% OFF.
Early Bird 7 days in advance get 45% OFF.
* Special for direct booking with us, modification is possible 1 time free of charge.

* The exclusive benefit available only direct booking with us!


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