When should you eat Brunch in Bangkok

When should you eat Brunch in Bangkok

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How often that getting up late causes you to miss out wonderful breakfast especially on your holiday. Meal is not only breakfast, lunch and dinner. We are going to know more about Brunch is meal from you awake until 3 pm. but if you eat until evening you can call it Brunchinnner on the other hand we can eat all day.

When should you eat Brunch in Bangkok

Serving brunch in hotel is popular on weekend because it is time for holiday and people can get up late. Hence nowadays, tourists travel all year round and not only on business. Every countries have their holiday period and Bangkok is one of the most famous destination for holiday. Especially, time of season greeting during Christmas until count down period. It is joyful time to spend without limit.

Brunch at Hotel Clover Asoke

To celebrate this season greeting of year 2017 and welcome year 2018, you will not want to stop your wonderful trip or hang out time to get up early for breakfast. Brunch buffet is what to fulfill your dream of happiness and possibility to get up late after your heavily fun day and night. Brunch is meal eaten in late morning. It is combination of breakfast and lunch.

Breakfast buffet is regularly included with your hotel booking as complimentary except booking for room only or in hotel where breakfast is not available. Our hotel indeed realize and intend to launch daily Brunch buffet 2018 as a surprise gift for our honor guests who stay with us from Dec 17, 2017 to January 4, 2018.

Let’s Brunch at the Clover Sky Restaurant and Bar

It is very easy to become exclusive with no additional fee or any membership card. Just only book us now for hotel room promotion with breakfast included. It is your entirely selection to have breakfast or brunch. It is not only Breakfast items are there but variety of food and drinks also avaiable including Thai popular street food those will be rotated in our brunch. Salmon sashimi, dim-sum and Thai coffee and tea is ready to serve daily.

Don’t wait, you might miss out the chance! Book now to ensure your seat. Stay with us! Don’t worry. Be happy and dream more. Brunch is your breakfast without an alarm clock.

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